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21 Aug

Michael and Michelle owned a small chain of auto dealerships prior to  getting involved in the "Home Business Solution" System. Michael was working  over 80 hours a week. He was tired and stressed out just from trying to keep the  business open. Michelle desperately wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, but because  of the enormous pressure of their car dealerships, she felt compelled to work in  order to help with the family business. After seven and a half years of  struggling to stay afloat, they were forced into corporate bankruptcy and had to  close the doors, leaving them financially devastated and in overwhelming  debt.

Michael and Michelle knew that people were getting wealthy from the growth of  the Internet, but they also knew they had no way to access the hundreds of  thousands of dollars that it would take to start up an Internet company. The  dream of becoming wealthy from working at home seemed out of reach until they  were introduced to this turnkey system. They immediately recognized the  possibilities of our "Home Business Solution" System and moved on it. They had  their home-based business set up within five days, and in their first 30 days of  working their business, Michael and Michelle profited over $1,200 dollars. By  their fifth month in the business, they had increased their income to over  $5,500 a month, just by following this "step-by-step" system.

Twenty months into the business, Michael and Michelle are now able to have  the lifestyle they always wanted. Their daughter, Sydney, attends the best  private school in the area and they are able to go on the family vacations they  have long wished for. Not even two years into building their home-based  business, their income has reached $30,000 a month. This monthly income has  allowed them to begin planning their dream home - a 6500 square foot  Italian-style villa in the country. Michael predicts that within the next 12  months, by combining this incredible system with continual growth in the U.S.  and Canada, unlimited residual income potential and rapidly expanding foreign  markets, their income will exceed $60,000 a month, while continuing to climb.

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