05 Ways To Deal With A Difficult Boss

08 Aug

Uniquely Him. How many times have you prayed and hope that he will change for the better? The truth is no one can really change a person overnight. Everyone has different personality. Being a demanding and difficult person is part of his personality make-up. If you can’t change your spouse after so many years, forget about changing your boss to suit you better. The key is to acknowledge that you have no control over his personality and don’t let his ranting and yelling affect you.

Unity is power. Are your colleagues suffering the same “fate” as you? If they are also given hell and unreasonable treatment from your boss, it’s time to unite and do something about it. Remember, unity is power. When everyone is united on the same front, you will have stronger persuasive power over your boss. When that happens, it will not be easy for him to attack a united body. But don’t use unity as a power to take revenge. Instead use it to balance the polarity of powers to prevent any abuse of power again.

Document everything. Record and save all offensive emails, nasty memos, scathing mobile messages and all possible communication channels between you and your boss. These will be held as strong evidence to defend youself should he file an official complain against you in future.

Leave it in office. It is very important to separate work from home in order to attain a balance life. Don’t bring home all the emotional baggage that resulted from work issues with your boss as it will only stress you up even more. You need rest and peace at home with your loved ones. Go out and have fun with your friends and family in your free time.

Have back up plan. Unfortunately but true, your employer will always have the upper hand in most employer-employee relationship. Most of us are not willing to sit down with our bosses and tell them honestly how their abusive behavior is affecting your work. The reasons are simple. We have nothing to back us up in such negotiation and the abusive boss knows that we have no where else to go too. We are afraid of retaliation and might face the wrath of losing our jobs. We need a back-up plan before we enter into a negotiation. Thus, should the worst happen, we can always walk into another job in-waiting or continue a sideline business to support our livelihood. When we have the “chips” to back us up, we can improve the balance of negotiation and walk away should the negotiation break down.

The workplace can be like a minefield hidden with tyrants and bosses from hell. If you find yourself in that situation, you have to navigate carefully to avoid stepping on their toes. It’s time to protect yourself from the bullies else they will push you around.  

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